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eTest was originally an online testing service for its founding company, Management Psychology Group, a professional industrial/organizational psychology firm in Atlanta, GA. Since that time, we have grown to serve an international community of companies, helping them to improve and refine their selection, development and retention of people.

Our assessment instruments and systems were developed by licensed professional psychologists and have been validated in many different types of jobs according to the ethical and legal standards outlined by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology of the American Psychological Association.

Hodges L. Golson


Georgia Institute of Technology B.S., Industrial Management

Georgia State University M.S., Social Psychology

Georgia State University Ph.D., Social Psychology

Hodges (Hodge) Golson is a founder of eTest and Management Psychology Group. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology in the specialty of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Organizational/Business Consulting Psychology. He consults with CEOs on issues of leadership team effectiveness, leadership succession, executive selection and unique life-at-the-top questions and problems. He is the author of many articles and white papers, including the books Influence for Impact and Active Leadership, the eTest Leadership Report, the eTest Coaching Report and the Strengths Survey (a measure of character strengths and virtues to facilitate executive development). He is also the co-author of the eTest Interview Guide, Development Report, Sales Report and Universal Analytical Reasoning Test (UAR). He developed the framework of the I-Competencies (Intellectual, Interpersonal, Integrity and Intensity) to differentiate between the competencies that are hard-wired and those that can be developed.

Douglas L. Griest


University of Tennessee B.A., Psychology

University of Georgia M.A., Clinical Psychology

University of Georgia Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

Doug Griest is a founder of eTest and Management Psychology Group. He is a member of many professional associations and served a four-year term on the Ethics Committee of the Georgia Psychological Association. He is Past Chair of the Business & Technology Alliance of the Technology Association of Georgia. He consults with a wide range of companies on the selection and coaching/development of leaders, team effectiveness, and pre-employment screening in general. He has a particular interest in working with technology and professional organizations. He is the Director of the MPG Career Development Center.

J. Martin Haygood, CEO


University of Alabama B.S., Psychology

University of Alabama Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

Martin Haygood is a founder of eTest and Management Psychology Group. He consults with business leaders on executive selection, team development and organizational effectiveness . He has authored or co-authored, developed and validated a wide range of personality inventories and other psychometric instruments, including an optimism scale based on the work of Martin Seligman, the Universal Analytical Reasoning Test (the UAR, a culture/language-free analytical skill assessment), and the Business Check List (BCL) which is offered as the core of the standard eTest selection battery and the empirically-derived performance predictive scales of the BCL eTest battery. He has developed innovative engagement processes for organizations based on the principles of the emerging field of Positive Psychology.

William J. Flanagan


Auburn University B.A., Psychology

University of North Texas M.S., Behavioral Medicine/Health Psychology

Georgia Institute of Technology Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology

While in graduate school at Georgia Tech, Bill Flanagan interned with Management Psychology Group to gain practical experience in the field while finishing his dissertation and then joined the firm full-time after receiving his doctorate. He is now a partner in the firm and is also a member of the Georgia Psychological Association, the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and the American Psychological Association. His consulting focus includes executive assessment, selection/validation projects and team assessment. He has helped customize and validate a wide range of eTest applications.

Michele Ingram Mobley


Agnes Scott College B.A., Psychology, Music

Georgia Institute of Technology M.S., Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Georgia Institute of Technology Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Michele Mobley balanced her liberal arts undergraduate education with a more technical and quantitative focus in industrial/organizational psychology at Georgia Tech. She was a consulting psychologist for Aon before joining Management Psychology Group. She is a member of the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Association. She has extensive experience in competency modeling, selection system design and validation, employee attitude surveys and management assessment. She conducts job analysis and validation studies for eTest clients and helps them make sure that their selection processes are fair, valid, defensible and free from adverse impact.

Cheryl Zink, COO


Stetson University

University of Florida

Cheryl Zink joined eTest's sister company, Management Psychology Group, in 1992. She was instrumental in the growth of the company and assumed technical and customer service responsibilities for the original software-installed system of test administration and subsequent online platform. She became the Director of Customer Support and Operations for eTest in 2000 and was promoted to President and COO in November, 2002. She has extensive administrative management and entrepreneurial experience and is heavily involved in the website development, management and client services activities of both companies.