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The eTest assessment can help you hire the best candidates for any job. This simple online assessment can save you time and money, and help you avoid costly hiring mistakes. The standard eTest battery consists of a personality inventory, a vocabulary test and a reasoning skills assessment. Results are emailed within minutes of test completion. The Interview Guide is the primary report for help in selection. You can also get additional reports for self-development, leadership, sales, and coaching guidelines from the original data.

Interview Guide

The Interview Guide consists of a narrative description of the individual, a set of Targeted Interview Probes (TIPs) which provide suggested interview questions, and a variety of scores. It helps hiring managers narrow their focus in further interviews and reference checks. This report provides information about the candidate's "DNA of personality" based on the widely accepted Five Factor structure (extraversion, emotional reactivity, behavioral control, agreeableness and complexity). It also provides a variety of sub-scores; job function similarity (administrative, customer service, managerial, sales, technical, etc.); job performance predictive scales based on real-world data (dependability, motivation, stress tolerance, etc.); and observations about the person's problem-solving approach, interpersonal style and motivational makeup.

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See the following sample reports for an idea of outputs for different jobs:

Administrative Customer Service Manager Sales Technical General Business

Development Report

The Development Report is written for the job candidate in case you want to provide feedback. It provides a narrative description of the candidate's personality traits, a set of developmental suggestions and a score profile. It is useful as a standalone tool for further self-reflection and personal/career development or as part of a more comprehensive coaching process. It includes the Personality Profile information from the Interview Guide report, a more developmentally oriented version of the narrative description and several targeted developmental suggestions.

> See Sample Development Report

Leadership Report

The eTest Leadership Report is designed for use as a developmental tool. It may also be used as another data point in selection, but should not be the sole criteria for a hiring or promotion decision. It is a narrative report which provides a description of the person's general style and likely behavior in a position of influence or leadership, to include probable assets, de-railers and developmental suggestions.

The Leadership Report is available as an optional $25 add-on to the Interview Guide. It is an addition to the standard results and does not require any additional testing.

> See Sample Leadership Report

Sales Report

Based on the standard eTest Profile, the Sales Report is the result of rigorous research using real-world data from a wide variety of organizations and sales jobs. There is no one best sales profile for all jobs but there are certain traits and behaviors that increase the chances for success in most sales jobs.

Our research indicates that sales people and sales jobs themselves can be described along four major dimensions:

  • General Sales Similarity (an overall scale indicating how similar the person is to people in a very wide range of sales jobs)
  • Account Acquisition (the traditional hunter-farmer factor)
  • Strategic Selling (important in developing complex solutions for clients)
  • Team Coordination (necessary for marshalling an array of resources for the client)

In combination with in-depth information about the Big Five personality factors and the empirically derived scales mentioned in the Interview Guide, the Sales Report describes a candidate's Interpersonal Style, Motivational Makeup, Problem-Solving Approach, Sales Leadership Style, Probable Assets, Potential Liabilities and Development Suggestions.

The Sales Report is available as an optional $25 add-on to the Interview Guide. It is an addition to the standard results and does not require any additional testing.

> See Sample Sales Report

Coaching Report

The Coaching Report is a tool for use by managers, coaches and mentors to help people reach their full potential. It is a practical guide for helping the person focus on his or her goals for growth, and for developing strategies to reach those goals by fully leveraging strengths and working around gaps or limitations. The report is generated from the person's basic personality factor scores, a variety of empirically derived predictions of performance, and several scales indicating the person's similarity to people in different types of jobs. While it is focused primarily on job success, it can also provide insights and suggestions for the individual's growth as a person.

The Coaching Report was authored by Hodges L. Golson, Ph.D., one of the founders of eTest, Inc. and Management Psychology Group. He is certified as a Diplomate in Business and Consulting Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP).

The Coaching Report is available as an optional $25 add-on to the Interview Guide. It is an addition to the standard results and does not require any additional testing.

> See Sample Coaching Report

Customized Report

We can develop an almost unlimited number of customized reports from the eTest standard battery. Depending on the scope of your hiring needs, you may wish to develop custom reports and job scales. For further information on customizing assessment tests for your company, email us and include a brief synopsis of your needs. One of our licensed psychologists will be in touch shortly to further explore how we may be able to help.

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