The eTest Certification Course is offered free of charge to clients. It will provide managers, HR professionals and consultants with the background and insights to make full use of this platform, and to understand the different report options. It will also enable you to receive any or all of the additional supplementary reports (see below) at no charge for six months after course completion so that you can determine which ones work best for your purposes. Completion of the course also qualifies consultants to become eTest reseller partners.

eTest certification is a straightforward and self-paced process. It includes professional feedback and interpretation of your own results. The first step is a short online interview and discussion with one of the eTest professionals to provide more background and context for the course and to answer any questions you may have before beginning the process. After that discussion, you will be provided with the instructions and credentials to complete your assessment and to access the course material. Upon completion of the course, there will be another conversation with the eTest professional to recap and answer additional questions you may have.

The course covers the following material in depth:

Principles of Testing for Business/Organizational Applications

  • Why We Measure Personality for Business Purposes
  • eTest Background and Development
  • The Structure of Personality
  • Fundamentals of Testing for Business: What Every Hiring Manager and HR Professional Needs to Know
  • Basic Types of Tests
  • How to Choose a Test for Your Applications
  • Avoiding Potential Problems: The Three Biggest Mistakes in Testing

The Interview Guide

  • Overview and Context
  • About the eTest Scales: Underlying Structure of the Reports
  • Introduction
  • Narrative Report
  • The Targeted Interview Guide
  • Personality Profile
  • Empirical Scales
  • Success Factors

Additional eTest Reports

  • Development Report
  • Leadership Report
  • Sales Report
  • Coaching Report

Additional Topics and Resources

  • Customization and Validation of eTest
  • Examples of Validated Custom Profiles: Selected Success Factors (eTest Scales that Predict Performance in different jobs)
  • User's Guide and Technical Manual

You will also have access to your personalized developmental results, and a consultation with one of the eTest psychologists to help you use this information to facilitate your own growth and development.

The completion of a short form is all that is required to start the process.

Certification Form