Management Psychology Group

We help people make their lives better.

By asking the right questions and by providing accurate and valid information, we help them make better decisions about their companies, their people, their leadership style and their careers.

As a consulting firm of professional licensed psychologists, our mission is to help clients get the right people into the right jobs, help people grow to their full potential on the job and help executive teams become more effective. We provide professional, valid, reliable, timely, practical and cost-effective psychological consulting services. We have extensive experience in assessment for selection and development, leadership succession planning, executive coaching, job analysis, employee surveys and team building.

  • Are you concerned about leadership succession planning?
  • Do you have the right team in place?
  • If so, is it working well together?
  • Are you helping your people reach their full potential?
  • Do you need quick, cost-effective and valid online testing, surveys or 360s?
  • We Can Help!

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